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For Clothing (except for Swimwear & Lingerie):

Please measure a similar garment of yours that currently fits comfortably, and compare the measurements. If you generally prefer a relaxed fit, add an extra inch to each measurement to ensure that the vintage pieces are comfortable, without being too loose. Consider fabric content when looking at measurements. Linen or silk, for example, is unyielding - but cotton or rayon have some stretch.
Please note all items are laid flat and measured to the fullest fit, then multiplied by 2 (x2). For example, a lady's dress is laid on a flat surface. For the length of the dress, hold the measuring tape, at the point where the shoulder seam and collar seam meet, then measure straight down to the bottom, this gives you the length measurement.

Bust (in cm)

Take the measurement across the fullest part of the bust to underarm and double measurements.
Items with a very fitted bust or boning are measured all the way around at the bustline - then you just use that measurement and don't double it

Waist (in cm)

Waist is measured from side seam to side seam at the waist seam, or at the smallest part of the waist if there is no waist seam.

Hips (in cm)

Measure approx 6-8 inches (15 - 20cm) below the waistline of the garment, at the fullest part.

Measuring For Swimwear & Lingerie Guidelines:

Please Note: Your bra size is NOT your bust size on a garment. Measure your OWN body measurements using a soft cloth or plastic flexible tape.

Bust (in cm)

Take the measurements across the fullest part of the bustline all the way around over a non padded bra the tape is level and neither too tight nor too loose.

Waist (in cm)

Measure the circumference of your waist. Use the tape to circle your waist (sort of like a belt would) at your natural waistline, which is located above your belly button and below your rib cage. (If you bend to the side, the crease that forms is your natural waistline.) DON'T suck in your stomach, or you'll get a false measurement and your beautiful garment won't fit you correctly.

Hips (in cm)

Measure approx. 6-8 inches (15 - 20cm) below the waistline of the garment, at the fullest part. Measure the circumference of you hips. Start at one hip and wrap the tape measure around your rear, around the other hip, and back to where you started. Make sure the tape is over the largest part of your buttocks. Because making sure the tape is level back there can be hard, try to do it in front of a mirror.

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