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Lay-by Terms & Conditions

YES! Velvet-Rose’s Pin Up Dressing Room does lay-by's!!
Have you found your perfect piece of vintage clothing, jewelry, or underwear but need a little bit longer to get some dollars together? If you use our Lay-buy powered by PayPal, you will have to put down only 50% of the total price today and will have a full month to pay off the remainder!

Terms and Conditions of Purchase
  • All products have a lay-by term of 1 month
  • Minimum lay-by value is $50
  • Minimum 50% deposit applies to all lay-by's
  • Lay-by's that are not finalised within 1 month will be cancelled
  • A cancellation fee of 20% of the total lay-by applies
How does it all work?? At the checkout simply enter the lay-by voucher code into the “Voucher Code” option. This will calculate for you the 50% deposit that is required.
Follow the instructions on the screen and make your payment safely and securely through PayPal.
An invoice will be issued with remainder balance that is to be paid on the rest of your purchase.
The remaining payments are to be paid in equal regular installments over the next month from the date of purchase.
Once all payments have been received, your product will be delivered to you within a 7 day period.

Lay-by Terms, Agreements and Contract
  1. There will be records of payments made for both buyer and seller available at all times
  2. The products that have been put on lay-by will be stored separately to other products and they will be identified as products on lay-by.
  3. The buyer may cancel their purchase/lay-by at any time prior to delivery of the product. If the buyer decides to cancel their purchase before delivery, a cancellation fee of 20% of the total purchase price will be payable to the seller. All remainder of monies paid will be refunded within 14 days. If the lay-by is cancelled by the buyer then the seller will provide that buyer a “cancellation statement” wherein the purchase price of the products, cancellation fees advice and the total amount paid off the lay-by will be included in the document.
  4. The seller must not cancel the lay-by unless – The buyer breaches a term of the lay-by or the seller stops trading
    If a buyer has breached the terms of the lay-by contract and the seller intends to cancel the lay-by the following must be done before the lay-by is to be cancelled.
    - The seller is to give notice of intention to cancel lay-by in writing, sent to the buyer’s last known address or, if buyer agrees, then orally. This must state how the lay-by terms were breached, the cancellation charges, the total amount that has been paid towards the layby, and the amount that is left to be paid.
    - Allow the buyer 14 days to rectify the breach
    If business ceases trading before the lay-by agreement is completed, then the seller must give the buyer notice of closure and 7 days in which the buyer is to pay out the lay-by, complete the agreement and then cancel the lay-by.
  5. The seller will only despatch product once all payments from buyer have been received
  6. Seller will not charge any interest charges, membership fee or service fee on any lay-by transaction.