How to Do Vintage Hairstyles by Miss Dale Velvet-Rose

How to Do Vintage Hairstyles by Miss Dale Velvet-Rose

May I firstly say thank you to the gorgeous Miss Cherry Dollface for allowing me to do a series of Blogs based on my tips for creating Miss Cherry's fabulous styles.

My Tips for Creating a Rosie The Riveter Updo
  1. Blow Drying: My hair is thick and curly and when I wash it I blow dry it fairly straight the night before and then plait it so it doesn't get untidy overnight - so that it isn't too soft to do a Vintage Style in the morning
  2. Curling Wand: I use a small curling wand to curl my hair it is about half an inch in diameter. Mostly I set my hair with hot rollers - but when I just want a quick Vintage style I use a curling wand.
  3. Setting Lotion: Even when I curl my hair with a curling wand I separate my hair and pick up the section that I wish to curl and comb it so there are no knots and then spray it with The Lindy Charm School Essential Setting Lotion then roll it up into the curling wand to create the curl and then once the curl is ready I slide it off the wand and put a small alligator clip in it so that it can set like Pin Curls.
  4. Cooling the Curls: I think it is important to cool the curls so that it makes it easier for you to do your style and it stays easier without using a lot of hair spray.
  5. Teasing your Curls: When I tease my curls before rolling into the barrel roll - I spray the base of my curl with Cedel Hair Spray (the green can) and then tease it - not too much with a fine-tooth comb - if you have finer hair you may have to tease it more.
  6. Smoothing the Barrel Roll: I smooth the barrel roll prior to rolling with a small paddle (smoothing brush - you can see it in my previous blog) brush and then I take a small amount of Brylcreem and run that lights up the smooth side of your barrel roll to tame any initial flyaways.
  7. Creating the Barrel Roll: I actually do this just like I do a Victory roll by wrapping it around a couple of my fingers on the hand on the opposite side to the side that I am working on and I wrap it around towards the hand. So if I am doing my roll on my left side I use my right hand and wrap it to the right. Once I have wrapped it around my fingers a couple of times I then roll it down toward my head and then twist it to the front and pin it in the center - catching the tail of the hair on the inside of the roll with the first bobby pin.
  8. Smoothing the Barrel Roll: I then take a small amount of Brylcreem and rub it on the teeth of a fine-tooth comb and then slide this comb up the side of your roll to flatten any flyaways.
  9. Hairspray: I would then spray the roll again with The Cedel Hair Spray (green can) then run my small smoothing(teasing brush) up the roll to again smooth the flyaways.
  10. Final Hairspray: I then spray the roll and give a little squirt in the tunnel of the roll also with Cedel Hair Spray (pink can) to hold it.
  11. Holding the Bandana secure: I actually use some of my pretty hairclips to secure my bandana at the sides and sometimes I also use a flower.

I have started to do some Vintage Styling Workshops in Australia so if you would like to keep posted with what is upcoming pop over and check out my Facebook page you can subscribe to my events page.

I hope that you enjoyed this 2nd blog in this series - I hope that I will start to do more of these now.
Again Thank you Miss Cherry Dollface
Yours in Vintage              
Miss Dale Velvet-Rose xxx