Miss Dale Velvet-Rose's Tips on Miss Cherry Dollface's Pin Curl Set

May I firstly say thank you to the beautiful Miss Cherry Dollface for allowing me to do a series of Blogs based on my tips for creating Miss Cherry's fabulous styles.

My Tips for Creating a Pin Curl Set

  1. Blow Drying: Mostly I dry set my hair the next day after I have blow dried it fairly straight the night before and then plaited it so it doesn't get untidy overnight.
  2. Straightening: Occasionally Mr. Noel (my beautiful fiance) will use a Straightening iron on my hair after blow-drying - as I find that this gets my hair nice and smooth and therefore I have fewer fly-aways in my final style. I always use Moroccan oil to help to keep my dry hair conditioned.
  3. Hot Rollers: I mainly use my hot rollers to do my dry sets for Vintage curls. I have the beautiful rollers with the velvet on the body of them so that they do not get tangled in my curly hair. I also use Perm Papers to control and protect the ends of my hair when I use my hot rollers.  
  4. Vintage Pin Curls: Occasionally I will do traditional vintage pin curls using my dolly peg to roll them and using these alligator clips to hold them in place. I would of course then leave these to set overnight or most of the day before styling.
  5. Curling Wand: I use a curling wand when I am doing a quick style (usually only the front of my hair) because with my long hair it becomes difficult to get all the areas of my hair properly. But I find that a curling wand makes your hair smoother and the curls firmer.
  6. Setting Lotion: I always use a Setting Lotion whether I am using hot rollers, doing traditional Pin Curls, or using a Curling wand. I use the Lindy's Charm School for Girls Essential Setting Lotion - which you can purchase through me for AUD$25 + Postage.
  7. Cooling Your Curls: I always curl my hair with heated styling equipment prior to doing my make up as this allows my curls time to cool properly and like Miss Cherry mentions your curls will be much better if you can give them this time.

I have started to do some Vintage Styling Workshops in Australia so if you would like to keep posted with what is upcoming pop over and check out my Facebook page you can subscribe to my events page.

I hope that you enjoyed this first blog in this series.